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Herber The Movie

Herber the movie

Your No1 choice in advanced Tube Bending Machine

Herber Engineering AB manufactures advanced hydraulic and electrical tub bending machinery for cold tube forming. We know that precision and flexibility are critical, and that you must feel secure in your choice of supplier. For precisely that reason, we manufacture every machine according to the individual customer‚Äôs needs and requirements.

We provide solutions to problems that are often complex ‚Äď in many cases, entire system solutions. That is our strength: we are responsive to the customer‚Äôs needs and deliver the optimal total solution. Building on the foundation of our longstanding experience, we stay on the leading edge of the latest technology. That we must meet all detailed requirements and every specification goes without saying.

Ultimately, it is our responsibility to make sure the equipment works like it should on-site at the customer. By means of thorough training on our premises and yours, we always meet that commitment.

Because it’s all about feeling secure. You should never have to wonder whether you have made the absolutely best choice.

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